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Cacao Bliss Balls

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By Victoria H , in All Cacao Recipe Balls , at November 18, 2019

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Finding what suits the best to your health is not an easy job today. Eating healthy is an essential need of your bustling life routine and that’s where these Cacao balls have proven their worth. Cacao balls with their exceptional taste infused with extraordinary nutrients seem to fit right into your meal plans. The recipe for this superfood is immensely easier to prepare and blends the healthiest nutrients and with no harmful effects at all.

This surprisingly healthy food is filled with all the goodness of nature. You have also the option of customizing them according to your taste and enrich them with healthy proteins that definitely detoxify and improve the strength and functioning of your stomach! Getting to prepare them is also a treat to watch, having a short process which is almost as simple as just mixing up!





Making Bliss Balls is easier than what you can imagine. The process begins from putting all the ingredients in the bowl of a food processor and mixing them. While a normal blender would work perfectly fine but it’ll be nicer if this whole process goes through with the Blendtec or Vitamix powdered blender. Beat all the ingredients until the nuts and dates are grounded into a tacky matter that can form balls. If it doesn’t hold together yet add a tablespoon of water and pulse the matter. When it gets the required form, make balls of the substance. No cooking or baking is involved in preparing for these tasty balls.



If you are a fan of garnished meals then topping up your Cacao Bliss Balls is also a good idea. There are numerous options for healthy and flavorful toppings! You can definitely try out coconut flakes, crushed walnuts, matcha powder and if you’d like to add some more muscles then hemp seeds would be the safest option here.


Why choosing Cacao Balls? 

There’s everything to like about these sweet balls from their flavorful and delicious toppings to the whole bunch of nourishing and full of life natural ingredients. This is what exactly tells why they’re also entitled as bliss balls! Another thing for all those sugar conscious folks, there isn’t any artificial sugar intake when you have them because dates support their sweetness an there is no artificial sweetener.

Cacao powder makes them a super food and a top healthful dessert, having an excellent amount of natural goodness of all the healthy nutrients! This harmless confectionery offers a great opportunity for all to serve their sweet teeth with something very healthful and nourishing.