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By Danette May

Island Bliss

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Earth Echo: Island Bliss Review

An impartial assessment of Danette May’s avowedly Gut Nutritional and Revitalizing Drink ​

Why does she call Island Bliss “Controlled Diversity Molecule” formula?
What is the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi’s celebrated discovery for boosting up gut health?
How does Danette May’s utilize Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi’s research to empower her drink?

This candid review provides answers to all these immensely relevant questions on Danette May’s recently introduced product that is being appreciated on independent social media platforms by lots of people.

Poor gut health results in several clinical disorders. The most prominent among them are low energy levels, diabetes and cholesterol imbalance, infections and inflammation and disturbed or no sleep. The last one further causes symptoms such as constant fatigue, mind fog, anxiety and even depression. With these symptoms, it is almost impossible to drag our bodies to carry on the daily routine tasks and it becomes essential to address the root causes and resolve them.

The function of human gut is not limited to help digest food only; it also produces a significant hormone, known as “serotonin” that regulates better sleep and initiates feelings of elation and liveliness in our mood. If this hormone is not being produced sufficiently due to any type of gut damage, it may cause insomnia, exhaustion, stress, obstinacy and similar other feelings. Poor gut health does not stop here. It may also create problems related to brain, heart and immune system. In addition to these, many issues related to skin, weight, deficiency in hormone level and lesser capability of nutrients absorption are also the symptoms of gut dysfunction.

What Is Island Bliss?

Island Bliss is gut nutritional drink that is made with a number of science-backed organic ingredients. Each ingredient is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are highly supportive for an excellent gut heath. There are hundreds of scientific researches that approve the ingredients of Island Bliss and references to these researches are available on the official website of Island Bliss. This gut nutritional drink also includes “controlled diversity molecule” discovered by a Nobel Prize winner European chemist, Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi. This molecule is exceptionally beneficial for the health and growth of gut microbes that actually perform the function of digestion in or bowls.

Island Bliss is rich in taste and quite easy to make. It takes only 10 seconds to get ready a glass and it can be taken any time. This drink can also refresh your body and impart it its much-needed energy to actively accomplish the daily tasks.

What are the ingredients that make Island Bliss a powerful remedy to restore and maintain gut health?

Island Bliss is the combination of 33 superfoods obtained from plants and fruits. The most prominent and healthful ingredients are mentioned below:

CoffeeBerry: Packed with antioxidant polyphenol compounds that are highly supportive for the growth of healthy bacteria.

Organic Acai: A science-backed microbiome booster which promotes especially fatty acid producing bacteria.

Organic Chlorella: It boosts the growth of propionate-producing bacteria. Dissolves excessive fat and prevents the growth of unhealthy gut bacteria

Organic Alfalfa: This natural herb is extremely effective in eliminating toxins produced by unhealthy bacteria and supportive for diversity-boosting polyphenols

Organic Strawberry: Rich with fiber and polyphenols that boost multiple types of gut microbes

Tart Cherry: Known as “champion of antioxidants” and is also brimmed with an amazing polyphenol content mixture to promote gut microbiome.

There are still more 27 ingredients of Island Bliss, most of which come from fruits such as Organic Blueberry, Organic Raspberry, Organic Cranberry, Organic Blackberry and Organic Strawberry. All of them have proven health benefits for their richness in several types of nutrients and vitamins.

What does Danette May mean by “controlled Diversity” molecule and how does this molecule make her drink more effective?

This gut nourishing molecule was actually discovered by a great scientist of early 20th C, Dr. Szent-Györgyi but his discovery didn’t get much attention. The molecule was rejected on the ground that human gut is not capable of absorbing it. It is in 2015, the scientists of Stanford University while conducting a research on gene sequencing discovered the amazing properties if this molecule which is named also as “vitamin P”. Afterwards, there is an extensive list of research papers that highlighted the value of gut system in the body and how the “controlled diversity” molecule can help boost the health and growth of gut microbes.

Today, scientists have no controversy on the exceptionally powerful role of “vitamin P”, which is more familiar now with the name of “polyphenols” in enhancing the gut health. The initially raised objections on vitamin P that it is difficult to absorb is proved by the scientists as one of major qualities wonder-molecule that help it go through the entire gut from big to small intestine and let all microbe feed upon it. Being rich with the rarest nutrients and antioxidants, vitamin P helps gut bacteria double their capacity to speed up metabolism and provide the body lots of energy. To most of the scientists, this molecule is the key to ensure healthy, harmonious gut. This is the reason that Danette May has included “controlled diversity” molecule or “vitamin P” in the recipe of her tropical gut nutritional drink.

How is Danette May’s Island Bliss distinguished from other so many energy boosters?

The most prominent distinction of Danette May’s Island Bliss is its formula that is based on the most authentic scientific researches. Thus it is not merely a blend of a few organic compounds rather there are great efforts of its presenter to develop its recipe. This refreshing drink contains 33 well-researched and science-backed ingredients. All of them are distinguished for their special healthful properties.

Hence, it is not difficult to understand why every sip of Island Bliss energizes you and extremely healthful because it is packed with numerous micronutrients. Whenever you take this healthy drink, your gut bacteria find in abundance what helps them groom and flourish. In comparison to other available nutritional drinks, there are numerous benefits of consuming Island Bliss and they are proved by its users’ comments. A few of them are mentioned below.

Ensures a truly balanced gut
This is the prime benefit of Danette May’s Island that it keeps your gut healthy and active. This tropical drink prevents all those problems that a poor gut health can create. The gut balance is generated by promoting the health and growth of healthy bacteria and inhibiting those that may harm your cells and hamper metabolism.

Promotes the growth and sustenance of healthy bacteria
Our gut is the home of innumerable microbes that includes both good and bad ones. Island Bliss formula has been carefully planned to ensure a truly balanced gut. The antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and the very special “controlled Diversity” micronutrient in Island Bliss is not only helpful for encouraging healthy flora to grow but the combination of healthy ingredients also inhibits the unhealthy microbe to flourish.

Fills the body with lots of energy
Island Bliss is capable of imparting you clean and natural energy that makes you active and responsive to your daily tasks. If you are consuming this drink regularly, you feel a substantial change in you. Never again in the morning, your body is dull and sluggish. You feel energetic and excited throughout the day.

Speeds up metabolism
By helping healthy bacteria thrive in the gut, Island Bliss enhances the metabolic function, pushes up the energy level and makes your mood cheerful and lively.

Improves your sleep
If your gut is not functioning properly, its most prominent symptom is sleep disorder. A poor sleep causes fatigue and lethargy. Island Bliss helps your gut perform excellent. Thus along with other benefits, it also improves your sleep. This benefit has been widely appreciated by the users of Danette May’s tropical drink.

Clears Mind Fog
The people, who have gut issues, often suffer mind fog that doesn’t allow them think clearly and respond. Island Bliss reviews prove that this drink is extremely effective in clearing mind fog and improve your cognitive responses.

An effective mood enhancer
It shouldn’t be surprise for you that the vitamin that is responsible for better sleep and cheerful mood is supplied by the gut to the body. If someone has poor gut health, it certainly affects mood and one feels stressed, obstinate and cross. By helping the health gut flora do its work, Island Bliss is also beneficial for mood enhancement. If you are using this refreshing drink, you feel all the time happy and spirited.

Who is the presenter of Island Bliss Gut Nutritional Drink

Island Bliss has been introduced by a certified US fitness expert, author and motivational speaker, Danette May. She has helped lots of people to adapt themselves to a healthy lifestyle by following her motto “Healing Foods, Healing Movement, and a Healing Mindset”. This is what she has learnt by her own experiences going through a challenging life that kept her for a long time in depression and staying on unhealthy foods.  

She finally broke successfully the cycle of depression, eating unhealthy and feeling later guilty. Her self-coined motto not only changed her life but also the lives of thousands of people. She is famed now as an iconic figure in both America and Canada for her motivational lectures, writings and products that can help people lead a healthy, happy and tension-free lifestyle.

Danette May has already introduced “Cacao Bliss” – a powder supplement that gave the best opportunity to chocoholics to keep themselves safe from adverse impact of dark chocolate yet delight themselves with its original whiff and taste. Her life-transforming programs gave her tremendous popularity and also fans over 353,000.

Island Bliss is Danette May’s new venture. It is a simple gut health and energy booster drink that is brimmed with a number of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins that keep the hut flora healthy and active. Her drink contains, in special, “controlled diversity molecule” discovered by Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi and approved by the recent scientific researches on gut health.

There is no denying the fact that our daily routine causes us fatigue and exhaustion and reduce our energy to very low levels. May’s drink promises sustainable enhancement of energy to the body by grooming and strengthening gut microbiome. Along with this primary benefit, this drink is also helpful for promoting general health and wellbeing.

Is drinking Island Bliss safe for health?

The recipe of Island Bliss includes only natural contents and their detail is given on each pack of Island Bliss. It is enough to prove that this drink is absolutely organic that has no adverse repercussions on health. Moreover, the users of Island drink also provide the best confirmation in their reviews that this drink is clear of side effects. It is all benefit and doesn’t cause any type of health issue. Another evidence on the safety of health-supporting features of Island Bliss is that its contents are free from dairy, gluten and soy substances as well as clear of GMO ingredients. This being said, an additional proof of Island Bliss being healthy is that it does not have any allergens like that of the ordinary energizers that make them unhealthy and unsafe for use.

Can people already dependent on medication take Island Bliss?

Being produced with all-natural ingredients that have absolutely no adverse repercussions on health, Island Bliss is safe for everyone. However, people who are already suffering from chronic diseases and are dependent on medication and women have pregnancy should consult their doctors before opting for Island Bliss.

What is the recommended intake of Island Bliss a day?

Being produced with all-natural ingredients that have absolutely no adverse repercussions on health, Island Bliss is safe for everyone. However, people who are already suffering from chronic diseases and are dependent on medication and women have pregnancy should consult their doctors before opting for Island Bliss.

How much time is required to get ready this drink?

It takes only 10-seconds to get ready a glass. You need only a glass of plain water and dissolve one scoop of Island Bliss in it. Shake the powder for a few seconds and your drink is ready.

What time I should take Island Bliss?

The company that offers Island Bliss does not restrict the consumers to take the drink on a specific time. There is no specific time for taking this drink. It is all up to your own convenience. At all times, the drink has the same effect and benefit.  

When does Island Bliss start giving its results?

Island Bliss has been manufactured with the most worthwhile green superfoods that not only improve the gut health but also provides an extensive range of nutrients and probiotics. It doesn’t take much time to feel the results of this nutritional drink. The manufacturer recommends a continuous use of Island Bliss for minimum three weeks for the full realization of its results. However, during the very first week, you start feeling an improvement in digestion and a boost in your energy levels.

What security is available on my investment?

The most adorable feature of buying Danette May’s Island Bliss is that your purchase is 100% secure and risk-free. The manufacturer provides a money back guarantee of 60 days to all clients on purchasing its product. The clients can return the product any time they like during this stipulated time limit on feeling that the product is not benefiting them. The company assures of full refund of money without any deduction without any delay.


  • Packed with the unique “controlled Diversity” molecule that heightens the working of healthy microbes


  • Boosts up number of healthy gut flora


  • Prevents unhealthy microbes to flourish in gut and damage the body cells.


  • Expedite the metabolism to digest food easily

  • Increases the energy levels and inhibits sluggish, lethargy and anxiety

  • Improves your mood and prevents feelings of boredom and obstinacy

  • Ensures deep and relaxed sleep

  • Eliminates mind fog and enhances cognitive responses

  • Lowers cholesterol and keeps it within the normal range

  • Balances diabetes levels and wards off its adverse impacts

  • Helps you achieve a healthy weight

  • The powerful nutrients of Island Bliss lessen aging effects

  • Provides the body with the most essential nutrients to improve the functions of various body organs

  • Includes no fillers, artificial flavors, soy, dairy and gluten

  • 100% safe for health

  • Delicious in taste and pleasant in smell

  • Comes with money back guarantee


  • The only con of Island is that it is not available on utility stores.

Where can I buy Danette May’s Island Bliss?

Final Verdict

Danette May’s tropical drink, Island Bliss is a reliable gut-supportive energy booster. Its ingredients are natural and have no side effect on health.  The support and recommendation of the users of a product is in fact the real strength and credibility of that product. Island Bliss has largely been appreciated for its manifold benefits by its users. They approve it the real worth of their hard-earned money. These are the qualities of Danette May’s drink that distinguish it from a number of its rivals. Considering all features of this tropical drink, it can safely be recommended for use.