Tuesday, May 28, 2024
By Danette May

Danette May Cacao Bliss

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Danette May made her debut in 2011 with a novel idea of “Healthy Chocolate Decadence” and within a few years, it turned into a healthy life-style slogan that was adopted by a large majority of people across America and Canada. She’s now a renowned motivational speaker, a healthy living style trainer, a celebrated and the best-selling author.

Danette May Cacao Bliss

May motivated her clients to change their dietary habits and control their cravings especially for desserts. Chocolate, being the major component of most of the desserts, is consumed both as an ingredient of commonly served desserts as well as a dessert in itself. Chocolate obsession is due to its sweet smell and great taste that floods your mouth and satisfies your palate. The great feeling of consuming the chocolate is more than just filling the stomach with a foodstuff. This is what termed as “chocorgasm”. However, the heavy concentration of sugar, fats and vanilla make chocolate a potential health risk.

Danette May promoted Cacao Bliss Superfood Supplement that tastes the same royal whiff and flavour of chocolate yet comprises only the super nutrient-packed raw Cacao and absolutely no harmful ingredient – fats, sweeteners or sugars.

The basic ingredient of chocolate is Raw Cacao that is immensely useful for health owing to its innumerable nutritious benefits. Danette May has the credit of introducing these multiple advantages. She insisted upon using Raw Cacao to “embrace with chocolate cravings” with absolutely no reservations for health. It rather has pluses such as Himalayan sea salt and natural sugar obtained from coconut to lessen the bitterness of raw Cacao and add a pleasant taste to it.

Chocoholics have great news in Danette May’s campaign of a healthy life style with the most nourishing superfood on the earth. It allows the liberty to enjoy with what they have always been told to abstain from. Now they can relish their favorite delicious chocolate, they love the most!

Before she could even reach her 30 years, Danette May had suffered a lot going through a bitter and a depressing life of trial and tribulation. Her familial issues were a great blow to her spirits but the downcast lady resumed her journey applying her inbuilt physical and mental stamina and fortitude. She succeeded finally to regain her lost self and today she is one of the best motivational speaker and a trainer for thousands and even for Hollywood celebrities and sports stars.

How effective is Danette May’s Healthy Chocolate?

Danette May’s healthy chocolate formula is all benefit and no loss. Its healthful impact is proven by several scientific researches that approve it as safe, healthful, instant mood and energy boaster natural superfood, unquestionably clear of harmful side effects of dark chocolate.

cacao bliss

To make Cacao Bliss a real natural superfood, Danette May has made years-long research. Her own studies and training as health and fitness coach and her extensive research tours across Americas finally helped her to devise an unmatched and the most powerful health formula that has the following three major distinctions.

Safer Fermentation
Cacao Bliss is unique in its nutrients-dense recipe and preparation methodology. To make traditional chocolates, Cacao beans are fermented by overheating them and this process deprives Cacao of its natural power. Contrary to this methodology, Danette May’s recipe follows ages-old practice of the ancient tribes who dried and fermented Cacao beans in a natural process that kept the power of Cacao beans unharmed.

No Artificial Sugar, Fats and Chemical Preservatives
Cacao Bliss doesn’t include artificial sugar, fats and chemicals like that of the traditional dark chocolates. It uses the natural and healthy sweeteners like Monk Fruit and Mesquite to dissolve the bitterness of Cacao beans and Lucuma to add caramel-like flavor to Cacao Bliss.

Storehouse of the Most Powerful Superfoods
Danette May’s Cacao Bliss is packed with the most powerful superfoods such Turmeric, Black Pepper, MCT oil, Cinnamon and Himalayan Salt. They make Cacao Bliss the ONLY good-for-you chocolate that is rich with the best nutrients and antioxidants that help flourish your body and prevent many fatal health disorders.


Guilt-free! Healthy Chocolate Decadence

Powerhouse of Nutrients and Anti-oxidants

You can relish Cacao Bliss without restricting yourself for the fear of adding weight or increasing your sugar levels. Contrary to these reservations, this unique chocolate is richly-packed with incredibly powerful nutrients and anti-oxidants that enhance cellular health, activate metabolism, freshen your mood and energize your body.

The concentration of vitamins and minerals in Cacao Bliss is helpful for preventing aging effects and make your skin look firm, fresh and glossy. The Bliss Molecule in Cacao releases endorphins in your body that kill the feelings of lethargy and fatigue improve your mood.  

The phytonutrient-rich Cacao seeds are also helpful for normalizing the heart function and prevent blockage in arteries whereas MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) enhance metabolism and gut health. The special addition of turmeric, black pepper and cinnamon to Cacao Bliss are supportive to balance the glucose level, relieve pain in joints, dissolve fats and ensure you a healthy and well-shaped body.


Unlimited Culinary Possibilities

Danette May’s Cacao Bliss comes in powder form that increases the possibilities of consuming this wonderful healthy food. There are lots of recipes to prepare mouthwatering desserts and smoothies or you can it simply enjoy as a velvety hot chocolate coffee every day.

Consuming Danette May’s “healthy chocolate” has now become a fashion across America and Canada to maintain health and wellness. In coffee bars and restaurants, you find menus with Cacao Bliss desserts, smoothies and drinks. This is enough to prove its credibility as a superbly healthful dark chocolate alternative.