Sunday, April 14, 2024
By Danette May

Golden Superfood Bliss

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100% Organic Superfood Powder Supplement

An Unparalleled Vitality Booster​

Do you feel cravings for junk food and sugary drinks more often than you want?

You must know…
The reason for cravings is not due to nutritional needs or physical workouts. Actually you suffer emotional eating that has absolutely no concern with healthy eating.

Emotional eating is a complex disorder, triggered by multiple pleasant and unpleasant feelings. The prime reason of emotional eating is stress which produces a hormone in our bodies, known as Cortisol. It generates cravings for foods that can instantly provide us burst of energy and pleasure such as overwhelmingly salty, sweet, and fried foods.

Furthermore, the feelings of boredom, emptiness or stressful emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, resentment, and shame produce cravings for foods and drinks which our bodies do not need as nutritional requirement. Today’s chaotic and fast-paced world has overburdened us with so many stressful situations. The solution is not to surrender to cravings for unhealthy foods to stuff ourselves with them but to overcome the cravings and normalize our hunger.

Does your age play any role in your hunger disorder?

Certainly not! Usually, aging is considered to be the reason of disorder in hunger but science does not support this speculation. Your age, genetics or your physical workouts have aren’t the reasons for any disorder. You should not be worried if you have entered in your 40s and following some exercise plan to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you observe bouts of tiredness, fatigue and lethargy, it is not your age that causing it. The reality lays somewhere else and your willpower and resolution to avert it with exercise and following a dietary plan can’t solve it.

Access food intake is akin to the irregularity in the production of Leptin in body. It may result in mood swings, exhaustion and emotional eating.

Food intake is driven by hormones and is controlled by hypothalamus which is a significant part of our brain. When our body cells need energy, never cells present in hypothalamus produce two proteins known as neuropeptide Y (NPY) and agouti-related peptide (AGRP) which cause sensation of hunger. While taking meal, when the required amount of energy is stored by the body cells in gut, the fat and pancreas; they release a hormone, called Leptin, which signals our brain that no more food is required. Another set of cell nerves located in hypothalamus produce proteins called cocaine and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART) and melanocyte-stimulating hormone (αMSH) to prevent hunger. Any imbalance in this activity results in hunger disorder especially overeating and cravings for food.

With this basic information on food intake and satiety, there are a few more important things which you should know. The intake of high-calorie foods produces increased amount of insulin in body. When we take high-calorie foods in stress, our pancreas produces 10% more insulin than its normal production. This enormous amount of insulin confuses the brain and it stops taking signals from body to control hunger. Moreover, the rogue insulin spikes increases NPY or peptide neurotransmitter in your brain. It is the most dangerous situation in which brain directs body to eat more while it keeps metabolism slower. Because it all happens on cellular level, we have no control on it and this is the most dangerous part of this entire phenomenon.

Increased Insulin means increased NPY or peptide neurotransmitter in brain and this dysfunction instructs body to eat more, slowing down metabolism. Your overeating knocks down you into shame and anxiety. The more you feel depressed, the more you eat. This becomes a vicious cycle of never-ending emotional eating.

A sound sleep is the proof of a sound physical body. You feel grumpy, tired and fatigued if you do not have a deep sleep. If you are victim to emotional eating, sleeplessness adds fuel to fire and further deteriorates the situation by triggering a hunger receptor 2-AG in your brain. The people who have perfect sleep, this receptor works differently. It remains active throughout the day, gradually rising between one meal time to the other and at night it drops. Those who are suffer bad sleep, 2-AG plays havoc. Bad sleep elevates it up to 33% and the ignition of this receptor drags you to your high-calorie pleasures.  The current research confirms that sleep-deprived people take an extra 385 calories than the people having no sleep disorder.

Emotional eating is also related to bad sleep. If you don’t have proper sleep, your brain triggers a hunger receptor 2-AG. And it forces you to consume your favorite high-calorie pleasures.

Sleep deprivation is also one of the major causes of storing fat in body. Scientists believe that sleep-deprived people suffer “metabolic grogginess” which causes the release of a hormone known as “ghrelin” that slows fat burning in body and it stores in stomach, hip and thigh area. It is a major shift in natural fat loss and it may rise up to 55%, confirmed by research conducted at the University of Chicago. Another research adds that this phenomenon also slows metabolism by up to 20%.

By going through these facts, you may well understand the complexity of the problem and where it begins. It is so simple to say that only physical exercise or a smart dietary plan can help you get rid of your situation. Unless you address the real problem, you can never succeed in solving it.

Do you really care for your wellbeing and want to avert your fate as an emotional eating zombie?

  • Stop increasing weight and restore your perfect physique…
  • Regain your sleep and want to enjoy a fresh, active and a dynamic day…

  • At this moment, it may seem to you a dream particularly after so many endeavors, you certainly have already employed…
  • But remember you never tried to solve the real problem…

Danette May, the distinguished US health and wellness trainer, comes with a surprisingly workable and realistic solution to stop emotional eating, control cravings for junk foods and sugary treats and regain normal, active and dynamic life!

May has helped lots of people to get rid of their excessive eating habits resultantly restored them active, energetic and sexy life with no remorse or guilt.  

Danette May’s 10-second daily hack guarantees you…

The best part of Danette May’s Emotional Hunger Solution is not based on

But before we proceed further, it is good to know who Danette May is?

Danette May is today an icon of hope to those who feel themselves imprisoned in their bodies and continuous victims of depression, hopelessness and anxiety. She herself suffered a lot after losing her child, separation from husband and living penniless with her two little girls. But she never abandoned hope and struggled to pass through this time of extreme trial and tribulation. Today, she is a known figure, a celebrated motivational speaker and health and wellbeing trainer. She rightfully claims to know the challenges her clients face and she ignites hope in them by motivating them to move ahead steadily and win the race!

Danette May believes that every one of us has his own sufferings and she terms it “muck” of life. Instead of sinking into this mire she urges to take an impetus to create an amazing life… She has urged hundreds of thousands to adopt her philosophy and they felt a real change in their lives. The results remained very positive. Her own life is the best example of it. She set her course of life around three important things:

Healing foods + Healing movement = Healing mindset

She offers an easy and amazing solution to overcome emotional eating, regularize hunger hormones and get deeper and more satisfying sleep!


Golden Superfood Bliss is Turmeric and is endowed with innumerable natural benefits

Golden Superfood Bliss

Benefits you in three amazing ways to take deep and profound sleep & burn undesirable fat

We know that anxiety has complex and deep relation with sleep. Those who suffer anxiety hardly succeed in enjoy profound and relaxing sleep. Anxiety also unleashes 2-AG and it initiates a vicious cycle of anxiety and emotional eating. However, in today’s fast-paced and multifaceted hectic life, it is almost impossible for us to escape anxiety. Then what we can do to evade anxiety and make ourselves active and energetic to meet challenges of life? This solution comes from Danette May’s Golden Superfood Bliss.

Golden Superfood Bliss being Turmeric soothes your mind and minimizes your bouts of depression and anxiety. It leads you to enjoy perfect sleep. Turmeric helps you in the following three ways:

  • Turmeric boosts a molecule called Nerve Growth Factor which BLOCKS 2-AG that is one of the prime causes unstoppable cravings for junk food or sugary sweets
  • Turmeric is rich with Curcumin that has remarkable properties to reduce anxiety. It helps you fall asleep faster and take a long, uninterrupted sleep for hours.
  • Turmeric is far more effective than any anti-inflammatory drug with no side effects. It relieves you from joint stiffness an pains, blocking major inflammatory pathways in cells.

Turmeric is one of the most effective organic medicinal herbs in existence, proven by a number of high-quality scientific researches. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is packed with Bioactive Compounds, known as curcuminoids and the most significant among them is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound, called Curcumin which has several evidence-based health benefits. It is fat soluble and is recommended to be taken especially with fatty meal. It also activates the activity of your body’s own antioxidant enzymes. With Curcumin as its essential compound, Turmeric is also effective to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer, blocking NF-kB, a molecule that is the cause of many chronic diseases.

Further, Turmeric strengthens body to combat foreign invaders and also helps in repairing damage. It eliminates aging effects and supports body to fight age-related chronic diseases and may aid longevity. It sharpens your cognitive functions and keeps you active and fully charged…


Can we eat raw Turmeric and digest it? The answer is No. Turmeric found in our grocery is not digestible by humans. We can’t consume Turmeric in raw form because it’s poorly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Danette May’s Golden Superfood Bliss provides you the best solution and makes Turmeric digestible turning it to 2,000% more effective. It is necessary to know the actual process of food digestion and absorption before we proceed further. Our liver plays a significant role in food absorption. It releases a substance called UDP-glucuronic acid. When it mixes with nutrients, it makes them water-soluble and easier to absorb. This process is too fast. In case of raw Turmeric, when UDP-glucuronic acid doesn’t succeed in dissolving Turmeric, it eliminates it.

However, the addition of black pepper slows down the liver metabolism and helps it absorb Turmeric successfully. Black pepper contains piperine, a natural substance that makes the entire absorption process 2,000% more active. It is essential to note, food absorption is a complex process and if you start taking raw Turmeric with black pepper, mixing them in water or any other liquid, it will certainly not work. It needs many other ingredients as well as processes to procure the real substance which is absorbable and is laden with its essential medicinal properties. 

Danette May has spent years in developing Golden Superfood Bliss - the Bedtime Tonic which is crammed with the real Turmeric essence and is packed with nutrients-dense organic herbs.

Golden Superfood Bliss is the simplest formula to ensure a stress free life, control emotional eating and enjoy a cozy, uninterrupted long and deep sleep. It is something like taking back control of your body, regulate a natural hunger and enhance hormones production. Being even in your 40s, you feel energetic, active and prompt in your routine life, without having any issue of joint pains, inflammation, fatigue and lethargy.

The most ideal part is that Golden Superfood Bliss is natural remedy. Its ingredients are blessed with Mother Nature’s best treasures. It is far more effective than medicinal solutions for fat-burning, craving-crushing and controlling aging effects. To obtain results, you aren’t required to starve yourself abstaining from your favorite delicacies.

Healthy, Safe and Risk Free You need only a mug of Golden Superfood Bliss right before bed to regain a rejuvenated life!

It shuts off “stress eating” at the cellular level with perfect results…

Guarantees you to restore a smart and balanced physique…

Repairs your frazzled nerves and energize your body…

Impart you a complete control of your food choices…

Leads you to sleep mode faster for a full night…

Dissolves extra fat from body cells when you are enjoying a relaxing sleep…

Shrinks your belly and slims your waistline…

Kills disabling fatigue…

The best remedy get rid of frustration which you are a chronic victim to for being failed to shed extra fat from your body and lose weight and live an active social life…

Choose below what package of Golden Superfood Bliss suits you the best!

60-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Golden Superfood Bliss is available to you on zero risk but its advantages are enormous!

In case, you aren’t satisfied with our product for any reason, you need only to simply call or send an email to the in-house customer support team of Golden Superfood Bliss within 60-days of your purchase. You will get your money back in full without any deduction.