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Raw Cacao Protein Balls

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By Victoria H , in All Cacao Recipe Balls , at October 31, 2019

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Living healthy and fresh is primarily the focus of everyone’s life today! Ensuring good health is not such a Herculean task as it is usually propagated by physical trainers and even by some physicians and nutritionists. Eating healthy food is your first step to maintain health. Here we come up with a superfood – the Raw Cacao Protein Balls that has marvelous effect on your health and help you overcome your cravings!

This healthy food is packed with what everyone suggests as essentials for maintaining sound physique. It can provide you with healthy fats and protein and a lot more to improve your metabolism and detox your body. The soft and chocolatey balls are no less than a special treat for you and have no adverse impact on your health. The preparation is easier, there isn’t any baking at all and you need only a few ingredients to prepare them.




Improvise a blender or food processor, the latter is the best. Before you begin to use food processor, dip the Medjool Dates in water for ten minutes. Meanwhile crush the walnuts and almonds into powder and mix them. If the dates are properly soaked into water, pour all the ingredients into the food processor. Hopefully you are using Blendtec or Vitamix powered blender, if it’s not possible, then a simple blender will also work. Your mixture should turn all the ingredients into dough. Now you can make balls out of this doughy matter.

Add you favorite topping to them. There are many options for amazing toppings and flavor combinations. Try coconut flakes, crushed walnuts, matcha powder or if you want more protein and fiber, choose hemp seeds!

It’s easy to imagine why they are called “Bliss balls”. They are all whole food with absolutely no artificial sugar or harmful fats. Instead, they are packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats. The Raw Bliss Balls are sweetened by Medjool Dates that hasn’t any adverse impact on your body rather it supports it with the natural and organic sweetener. The biggest plus of these amazing little vegan bliss balls is the Cacao powder – a food blessed with so many nutrients, hardly found in any other food content in such a huge concentration. Apart from the best antidote for cravings for desserts, they are a luxury for chocoholics as these balls provide them with the opportunity to savour the flavour of their favorite chocolate.