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Cozy Superfood Hot Chocolate

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Prep time: 5 min

Hot chocolate is one of the most versatile drinks that keeps you warm in the frosty weather! It is a flavorful fusion of mandatory fats and supreme minerals. If you want to keep your body in a good shape without sacrificing on flavors then this hot chocolate can prove to be a great dessert. We know that people always complain about the complicated recipes but here it is very straightforward to prepare this luscious hot chocolate drink.

This hot chocolate comes with the set of all vital ingredients. Raw Cacao powder is the leading constituent here which helps to rejuvenate your body with immense chocolate flavor. This hot drink is a complete package of wholesomeness with the added nuts combo. This amazing hot chocolate is free from any harmful sweetener which really makes it a reliable dessert!


1 cup of filtered water (boiled)

2 tbs. Cacao Golden Bliss Raw Cacao powder

1 tbs. almond butter

¼ tsp. Cinnamon

1 tbs. pure Maple syrup or raw honey

1 pinch ground cloves

1 pinch nutmeg

4 tbs. Almond milk


It’s extremely simple to prepare this amazing hot chocolate. Fetch your mug in which you’ll prepare your drink. You can also use a pan on a heat stove setting instead of the mug (Depending upon your preference). Now fill up your mug with the filtered boiled water. You will add raw Cacao powder, almond butter along with the mentioned spices and your favorite sweetener (Honey or Maple syrup). Now it’s time to stir the ingredients until the point when almond butter is fully melted and blended. Lastly, add in your dairy-free almond milk to complete its preparation. Now you’re all set to enjoy your delicious hot chocolate drink!

Why Hot Chocolate is considered as a Superfood?

  • Everyone loves chocolate but feels upset about harmful sugar intake. Now with this hot chocolate drink, your all sugar worries are gone as it comes with the goodness of natural sweeteners.
  • This hot chocolate drink is a great choice when it comes to satisfying your extra chocolate cravings without any worries of sweets and dairy.
  • If you’re diabetic or your body is prone to weight gain then this hot chocolate is a great option. Cacao powder present in the recipe is sugar-free and also helps in weight loss, unlike other chocolates which are usually stuffed with harmful sugar along with other preservatives.
  • Cacao powder helps in maintaining your body’s blood sugar while lowering blood pressure which automatically stimulates your heart health. So, this can also be a great supportive drink for many heart patients.
  • This flavorful delight can also be a great mood lifter because of Cacao powder. This all happens when it releases neurotransmitters which strengthen your brain by the production of good hormones. Moreover, Cacao includes a compound named phenylethylamine which is famous for its tag ‘love drug’ makes you feel soothing and definitely happy.
  • This hot chocolate is fully loaded with the active minerals that help to provide your body with a sufficient amount of energy on the move.
  • Your delectable hot chocolate drink fills all the modern health standards which put it in the ‘Superfood’ category rightly!