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By Danette May

Chai Bliss

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Earth Echo: Chai Bliss Review

Is this so called “Happy Brain” formula really worth your hard-earned money?

Have you ever felt zoned out, frustrated or lost? This is due to brain fog which is common in men and women. There are certain reasons of brain fog. Generally speaking, brain fog is the outcome of sleep disorder, depression and anxiety, low levels of essential nutrients, certain types of infections and also the result of overconsumption of sugar. Hormonal fluctuations are also the reason of brain fog and this phenomenon occurs particularly in women when estrogen level drops in their bodies.

In 1986, an Italian scientist Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini was awarded the Nobel Prize for her work in neurobiology. She discovered Nerve Growth Factor or NGF (protein-like molecules, produced by brain neurons) that play a significant role in causing brain fog and poor cognitive responses.   

Brain fog hampers normal working and affects also your emotional responses. You feel that you are unable to concentrate and perform routine tasks. It also becomes difficult to take small decisions and respond to family and friends actively. Usually people seek relief to dissolve brain fog taking tea, coffee and snacks which are highly detrimental to health.  

Danette May offers a tasty and smooth drink, Chai Bliss as healthy solution to clear brain fog and get back clarity and focus. She has already introduced so many healthy and nutrients-rich products that are enormously popular with a large majority of people in the United States. Her latest product, Chai Bliss has been developed on her decades-old slogan of “healing foods, healing movement and healing mind.” Danette May’s products and fitness programs have gained attention of lots of people across the United States. Her latest product doesn’t lag behind. Chai Bliss reviews are packed with positive comments by its users. This review is meant to judge the real worth of this drink as an antidote to brain fog and its overall benefits to health.  

What is Chai Bliss “Happy Brain” formula?

Chai Bliss is a nutritious drink that is primarily meant to dissolve brain fog, support neurons and ensure you a clear brain and enhanced cognitive responses. With a concentration of several antioxidants and nutrients, Chai Bliss is capable of imparting you higher level of energy; boost your immunity and an increased mental focus.  There is no ingredient in Chai Bliss that can cause periodic anxiousness and irritability which are very common results of black tea.

What ingredients empower Chai Bliss as a healthy brain fog-lifting drink?

According to its presenter, Chai Bliss is based on Nobel Prize winning research of Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini. The contents of this healthy drink are approved by several scientific researches. It is especially crammed with the organic potential of an ancient Chinese Hericium erinaceum mushroom. To make her drink further powerful and restore brain health and enhance the cognitive functions, Danette May has added a number of healthy nutrients and antioxidants in the recipe of Chai Bliss. The details of these ingredients are given as under:   

In traditional Chinese medicine, Astragalus has been an essential ingredient to sharpen memory and keep brain neurons healthy and active. The other science-backed benefits of Astragalus root are prevention and cure of various kidney diseases and maintaining a balance of diabetes.

This ingredient is an amino acid that is found in green tea. It is also present in certain mushrooms. There are multiple health benefits of L-Theanine. It is extremely effective in preventing depression, anxiety and sleep disorder. Having powerful neurochemical effects, this ingredient is capable of maintaining a healthy, alert and fully responsive mind. These benefits of L-Theanine are proven by the researches recently conducted at Oxford University, England.   

Zinc has multiple health benefits to support the body but our bodies do not produce zinc, hence, we have to obtain it from food or supplements. Zinc supports neuron to flourish and perform well. This is the reason that zinc intake is recommended to improve cognitive functions. It has also very positive effects on body’s immunity and is also supportive to enhance mood.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms
These mushrooms that resemble a lion’s mane have been used in many ancient cultures, particularly in Asia as part of culinary spices as well as an ingredient in medicines. Lion’s Mane have properties to cure digestive issues and cardiac problems. For the concentration of bioactive substances in these mushrooms, they have also been the part of health supplements as well as medicine to improve brain functions.

Danette May, the presenter of Chai Bliss has added a few more ingredients to the recipe of her product to enhance its flavor and make every sip of her drink ultra-tasty and mouthwatering. However all these ingredients have special medicinal properties to improve brain health and cognitive functions. They are as follows:

Organic Ginger
Ginger is a flowering plant that is widely used in recipes of Asian foods. Ginger is packed with antioxidants that are highly supportive to prevent DNA damage, cure stress and anxiety and maintain blood pressure and cardiac diseases.

Organic Cardamom
This spice ingredient is commonly used in food recipes in different parts of the world, particularly in Asian countries for its sweet flavor and numerous medicinal properties. It has science-backed potential of preventing brain cells damage, lowering blood pressure. Cardamom is also rich with cancer-fighting compounds and has also the potential to fight off infections. 

Organic Cinnamon Bark
Cinnamon Bark has proven medicinal properties to improve memory, concentration and cognitive functions. It is also helpful for preventing inflammation, cure bloating and reduce spasms. It is also effective in generating healthy appetite, lower blood sugar levels in the body and maintain healthy blood flow.

Organic Cloves
Cloves are extremely healthful for being packed with manganese and a range of antioxidants. This organic ingredient is particularly effective for maintaining brain functions, control diabetes and prevent multiple types of cancers. Organic Cloves are also effective to eliminate free radicals that damage body’s healthy cells.

Organic Nutmeg
This is another organic ingredient with an enormous medicinal potential. Its seeds are packed with nutmeg that acts as antioxidant and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  

Organic Black Pepper
This last ingredient of the recipe of Chai Bliss works as a mood enhancer and improve brain functions.

With this wider range of organic ingredients that are backed by numerous scientific researches, Chai Bliss is really unique in its composition and is enormously beneficial for brain as well as general health.

What is brain fog?

Though brain fog is not a clinical situation but it is taken as a symptom of cognitive dysfunction. Sometimes, brain fog is also referred as mental fatigue. Brain fog fails you in many respects. The most common symptoms of brain fog appear as losing power of concentration and focus, poor memory and an unclear brain. You start forgetting names, daily commitments from your to-do lists and remain mentally absent in small gatherings either at home or outside. If brain fog stays for a longer period of time, it may lead you to depression and think that you are not capable of doing anything and your life is not worth-living.  

It is also important to note that brain fog can’t be cured by taking exercise, shifting yourself on simple diet or having long and profound sleep. Danette May terms it as “self-confidence draining mental sludge”. Brain fog is more rampant in women. It is the resultant effects of hormonal disorder. They observe loss of concentration, confidence and motivation to do routine tasks. Generally speaking, the primary root causes of brain fog are stress, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, unhealthy diet, and certain medical and medical conditions.

How does low estrogen level affect women and causes brain fog?

According to the recent medical researches, women suffer brain fog due to the low level of an important hormone called, estrogen. Usually the decline starts appearing after 35 years of age but in some women it may occur earlier similar to perimenopause that begins 4 years prior to natural time of menopause.

The very common symptoms of this clinical disturbance appear as lack of concentration, disturbance in emotional responses, forgetfulness and absentmindedness. Today’s medical science accepts the idea that estrogen level has a strong relation with the functions of female brain. And the credit for this new scientific consciousness goes to the research and findings of Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini on Nerve Growth Factor or NGF. NGF is a group of small protein-like molecules that is responsible for maintaining cognitive health. Neurons in our brains ensure the creation of NGF.

If the required level of estrogen in the body goes down, it also lowers the NGF levels. Actually, estrogen supports brain neurons that have a critical role in learning new things and maintaining an active and responsive memory. In short, brain fog damages your abilities to get anything done efficiently.

Can we improve our cognitive efficiency by taking NGF supplements?

If we just take NGF supplement pills, it doesn’t work to improve the NGF levels because of blood-brain barrier. The NGF pills may multiply the NGF levels in the bloodstream but blood can’t transfer this additional amount to our brain where it is actually required.

Is it possible to stimulate the production of NGF in our brain?

Yes it is possible and Danette May has proved it by discovering an ancient Chinese mushroom, known as Hericium erinaceum. She employed her best efforts to find out the possibilities of increasing the level of NGF. She spent years in this research and finally succeeded in discovering an extraordinary mushroom that has been widely used in ancient Chinese Medicine to boost mental health. This mushroom was also used to increase the performance of memory and enhance concentration level. However, what made this mushroom really unique was its potential to stimulate NGF by crossing the blood brain barrier. Probably there is no other organic resource in Nature that has this potential.

What is “Happy Brain” secret of Danette May?

Dr. Rita’s Nobel Prize winning discovery of NGF gave an impetus to researches to find out resources that can stimulate NGF. It was a scientist from the University of Arizona Medical School whose research brought to light “Happy Brain” molecules. Danette May’s found the possibility of strengthening brain neurons in the potential of ancient Chinese Hericium erinaceum mushroom. She brands this feature of her discovered mushroom as “Happy Brain” secret! Once found this amazing mushroom, May tried her best to discover more about it. This is the beginning of the idea to develop a supplement that can evaporate brain fog and it finally appeared as Chai Bliss. Danette May tried her product first on herself and realized its amazing potential. The results were remarkably encouraging. Within the very first week, she felt that her brain is absolutely clear and responding like a desktop computer or a smartphone.

What are the benefits of Chai Bliss “Happy Brain” formula?

The Earth Echo formula has been developed with extensive clinical and nutritional research by Danette May to provide a safe remedy to kill brain fog. There are thousands of customers that have admired this happy brain formula in their reviews. They have mentioned their pleasant experiences after using Chai Bliss for a couple weeks.  The proclaimed benefits of Chai Bliss by its presenter are enlisted below:

  • Restores your lost power of concentration and focus

If you feel zoned out and fatigued waking up in the morning or observe you are unable to concentrate on daily tasks, you are having brain fog. It becomes almost impossible to drag yourself to accomplish your daily tasks with a frustrating lack of focus. One the one hand, if it makes routine work difficult, on the other it deprives you from the happiness of your family life. Chai Bliss is a reliable and perfect remedy to resolve this situation. With a continuous use of this formula, you feel present and sharp having a focused attention on your work. You feel no more dull and lost. It is meant to regain you the power to concentrate on whatever you want to be engaged with. 

  • Helps you successfully complete your daily to do list

Chai Bliss also promises you to get back your vibrant self, vivid memory and regain your natural buoyancy that have always been with you and now compromised due to brain fog. Taking Chai Bliss helps you complete your daily to do lists efficiently.    

  • Gets you a renewed interest in things you love to do

Chai Bliss restores your interest in things you always loved to do enthusiastically. It rebuilds your declining confidence, improves your communication and helps you live a normal life.

  • Enhance your mood and improves your emotional responses

The people who have used Chai Bliss praise it as an amazing mood enhancer. There are hundreds of such evidences in Chai Bliss reviews. You add a pleasant gesture to your persona and actively respond to friends and family with an increased level of excitement and motivation.

  • Normalizes the hormones level fluctuations in women

Many women suffer mood swings, irritability, bloating and fatigue due to hormonal imbalance. The other symptoms of hormonal imbalance may include increase in blood sugar levels and trouble in concentrating on daily chores. The use of Chai Bliss balances the hormones level in the body and save women from these unpleasant feelings and clinical issues.

  • Yummy Taste

Most of the supplements have bitter taste that makes it difficult for the users to enjoy them. There isn’t any such scene with Chai Bliss. It has a yummy and pleasant taste that delights everyone. Chai Bliss is easily dissolved in both cold and hot water. To further enhance its taste, you may add it to almond and coconut milk and enjoy a smooth mouthwatering drink.

  • Powerful Ingredients

This formula is empowered with a collection of well-researched and scientifically-backed ingredients taking inspiration from a Nobel Prize winning breakthrough. With this impressive profile, Earth Echo’s Chai Bliss is really worthwhile.  The ingredients of this formula keep your brain neurons healthy to allow them to perform their functions efficiently.

  • Easily Digestible

Despite concentration of various ingredients, Chai Bliss doesn’t feel hard to digest. Moreover, this characteristic feature of Chai Bliss allows you to take it every day.

Is there any side effect of taking Earth Echo’s Chai Bliss?

There is no reported side effect of Chai Bliss. No customer’s review contains any such complaint which means the users are thoroughly satisfied with the results of Danette May’s healthy drink. The further assurance of Chai Bliss being healthy comes from its vigorous recipe that is clear of fliers, preservatives, dairy, soy and gluten. Thus it is perfectly healthy drink and the real substitute of your money.

Who is the presenter of Chai Bliss “Happy Brain” drink?

This drink has been introduced by a leading US nutritionist, motivational speaker, author and health expert, Danette May. She has made a life-long struggle to discover healthy foods and the secrets of maintaining physical fitness. Today she is an icon of health and fitness and her clients are present across the United States.

Having certifications in pre-med and nutrition and an extensive practical experience of helping people with problems of unhealthy eating, depression, guilt, obesity and overweight, Danette May has deep knowledge of these problems. Her lectures on social media are full of suggestions that can redeem these problems with quick and substantial results. She has helped over 353,000 men and women to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

If you feel exhausted, stressed, stuck in the mire of depression and anxiety, Danette May has the best solutions to resolve these issues. She went through most of these problems by losing her offspring during childbirth, faced devastating financial crises when her husband left her. She remained a victim of brain fog for a long period of time, taking pills and supplements unless she decided to find a realistic and permanent solution to get rid of dilapidating circumstances.

Danette May urges everyone who is facing the situations mention above and fight back to restore their health and ward off critical clinical situations, employing and strengthening their inner resistance. She labels this effort as “transforming your body”. She believes this goal can be achieved following a three-pronged approach which she terms as “Healing Foods, Healing Movement, and a Healing Mindset”. Chai Bliss is her very recent venture and it has received a warm welcome by lots of people in the United States and her clientele network is increasing day by day.

Which Nobel Prize winning discovery inspired Danette May to develop Chai Bliss?

It was Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini’s impressive discovery that inspired Danette May to develop her drink. Dr. Rita won Nobel Prize in Physiology. Her research has been supported by the recent researchers from the most prestigious academic institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and UC San Francisco.

Is Chai Bliss age specific?

There is no restriction of age or gender to use this happy brain formula. It is beneficial for all for it contains only the organic ingredients that are extremely nourishing for every. The presenter of Chai Bliss offers it to people of all age groups. The women who are observing pregnancy can also use it without any reservation.

Where can I buy Danette May’s Chai Bliss?

Final Verdict

Chai Bliss has been extensively appreciated by its users as a healthy and delicious drink that is absolutely free from any side effect. It is crammed with the power of so many organic ingredients that activate the neurotransmitters in your brain, dissolve brain fog, improve memory and enhance cognitive responses. The feedback in Chai Bliss reviews is enormously positive and the people who used this “Happy Brain” formula are thoroughly satisfied with the results. As a matter of fact, brain fog damages your self-esteem and leads to frustration and makes you feel unable to do your daily tasks.

When you start relying on Chai Bliss, you realize a significant change in you. Your emotional responses improve and you feel motivated and exited to accomplish tasks in your daily schedule. The presenter of this drink brands it with “brain-fog lifting drink” caption and her claims about her product have the full support of her clients. No client has complained about any side effect of Danette May’s Chai Bliss. Rather they are highly appreciative of its so many pluses. They adore it being packed with the best micronutrients taken from the storehouse of nature to empower brain neurons and keep them healthy.  For these merits, Chai Bliss can easily be recommended to do away with the brain fog and regain your lost motivation and excitement.